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character affected
Alexandra Dane Harry/Sverus slash, long one-shot  
Til Death do We Part Alisanne Severus slash, one-shot  
The Happy Half-Blood Prince Amanuensis Severus slash, long one-shot  
Blinded By Love Angel M.C Ginny het, medium length  
Through another's eyes Annie Ron het, one-shot  
Blinded By The Dark Astrido Harry slash, rape, multiple chapters, WIP  
Blind to it All blind-phoenix Harry gen, medium length, WIP - discontinued?  
Blind Campy Capybara Hermione het, medium length  
Just To See You darkmeadow777 Draco slash, multiple chapters,WIP  
Prometheus Bound Dius Corvus Harry gen, multiple chapters  
Behind Blue Eyes Draco Malfoy-Potter Draco slash  
New Eyes or here h3art0f1nk Ron het, multiple chapters, WIP  
Closure Juxian Tang Harry slash/long one-shot  
Towards the Light Mione5 Harry gen-slash final chapters, multiple chapters  
Eye of the Beholder MontanaDan Harry slash, long one-shot  
Love is Blind Mrs Noodlemantra Draco het, multiple chapters  
Blind Confrontations Kai-Lun-Mau Harry het, multiple chapters, WIP-discontinued?  
Broken Beyond Healing Lady Russell Holmes Harry gen, 66 chapters, more than one disability  
With Eyes Open 1ightning Harry slash, short one-shot  
A Lot Like Love Lucilla Darkate Harry slash, explicit, one-shot  
Heaven Restores You Occasus Remus/Draco slash, multiple chapters  
I'm Here Occasus Draco slash, multiple chapters  
Tread Slowly Occasus Harry slash, warning-rape, AU,multiple chapters  
There it is Occasusvenustas Remus slash, one-shot  
Draco In Darkness Plumeria Draco slash  
As A Bat pottermalfoy Harry slash  
Blink of an Eye Sartek Harry gen, WIP  
A Hundred Tiny Threads severity_softly Severus slash, medium-length/N  
Eye of the Beholder shade aka knightmare Draco gen  
Go With the Tide Tantz Harry gen, multiple chapters  
Go With the Tide II:
Seeing is Believing
Tantz Harry gen, multiple chapters  
The Strength Within The Lilac Elf of Lothlorien Harry gen  
Voice in the Dark wook77 Harry slash, multiple chapters, discontinued?/wip  
Blind Faith xyvortex Harry gen  
Blind Faith: Slytherin's Heir xyvortex Harry gen/WIP  
Darkness Yaoi Princess Serena Harry slash  

Deafness or/and muteness

character affected
Hush gothangelic Harry slash, NC-17, rape, incest, death  
The Most Beautiful Sound happycabbage Harry slash, medium length  
Freaks and Geek's Hello Motto Draco slash, multiple chapters, AU, non magic, draco is deaf, WIP  
Hear With My Eyes, Speak With My Hands Lina Inverse the Dramata Harry gen, discontinued? /WIP  
Silent Surprises Lost Harry gen, medium length  
Tainted Mel6 Harry slash, multiple chapters  
What do We do Now momma-dar Harry gen, long  
Silent Words NiamhakaLadyHex Harry gen, multiple chapters, WIP  
Worth It Occasus Severus slash, AU, medium length  
Just One Miracle Occasus Remus slash, AU, one-shot  
The Memoirs of a Hero The Morrigu Harry gen, Harry is mute, multiple chapters  


character affected
Half a Man Austen Ron gen  
Damaged BloodRedEnd Harry slash  
Now Hiring Claggart Harry gen/wip  
The Depths of Winter Cosmic Draco slash  
A change for the Better Yulara Severus slash, one-shot  

Physical handicap (arms, hands, legs)

character affected
Summon the Lambs to Slaughter La Guera oc gen, Novel-length, CP  
Everything Was Perfect... Lani Draco slash, Long, Multiple sclerosis and eating disorder.  
The Same Coin Meri Harry slash  
Finding Himself Minisinoo Cedric het,AU, Novel-length, Parallel canon, Cedric is permanently injured and is suffering from what amounts to a magical, accelerated (and limited to his lower body) version of M.S. (multiple sclerosis) /#  
Dulce et Decorum Est, Pro Patria Mori Minisinoo Cedric het, AU, Parallel canon, Novel-length, sequel to Finding Himself, WIP/#  
Yellow Plastic Minisinoo Cedric het/#  

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Disability in Fanfiction
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Disability in Fanfiction